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  • Exams are performed annually to assess health. 

  • Vaccinations

    • Develop a vaccination program suited to your horse's needs and lifestyle.  

  • Fecal Exam​

    • ​Performing fecals on your horses twice a year lets us ​administer a successful deworming program and only worm the horses that need to be wormed.  This eliminates unneeded costs on you and prevents parasites from becoming resistant to deworming drugs.  


  • Reproductive exams

  • Ultrasonography

  • Foaling assistance

  • Post foaling mare and foals exam

Digital Coggins

  • Coggins tests should be performed on your horse once a year.  

  • Digital coggins allow you to print out the coggins directly from your MYVETLINK.COM site.  


  • Power float and manual floats performed

  • Sedated dentals allow for your horse to have an enjoyable experience and a more thorough oral exam 

  • Wolf tooth extractions


  • Castrations

  • Lacerations

  • *Please go to forms and print out a Sedation Consent Form prior to appointment

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